Parasite infections are more common than you think and affect at least half of the population. You don’t have to travel to a third world country to become infected. Those with nutritional and immune deficiencies will be more susceptible infestation.

What are parasites?

A parasite is an organism that lives on or inside of another organism and feeds on the host’s nutrients to survive. Our body is home to many parasites which are beneficial, like gut microbes that assist with our digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Other non-beneficial parasites like worms and microscopic bacteria can take over our system. They can cause serious health issues and many irritating symptoms.

Parasite eggs and larvae are commonly found on many of the foods we eat. Touching doorknobs, toilet handles, elevator buttons and even the salt shaker at a restaurant (or our own home) can lead to a parasite infestation in our bodies. Many of these parasites are harmless and will die inside of us. Harmful parasites, on the other hand, can start to colonize our gut and other organs causing an array of health problems.


H. pylori in the stomach

Are parasites causing your health problems?

Most parasites are microscopic like giardia, blastocystis homminis, and Clostridia difficule. These parasites can cause serious discomfort, diarrhea, gut dysbiosis, gas, and cramping. Other parasites can go undetected for years but can cause other symptoms that mimic certain health conditions. Worms, amoebas, and flukes are also types of parasites that can infiltrate and damage our bodies.

Do you suffer from any of these parasite symptoms?

  • Brain Fog
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Anemia
  • Constipation/diarrhea/ IBS
  • Gas
  • Joint and/or muscle pain
  • Skin rashes and Acne
  • A constant cough
  • Rectal itching

The best way to find out if your symptoms are from a parasite is to get a stool sample test. A stool test can tell you which bacteria, fungus, worms and other parasites you are dealing with. The different types of parasites will require specific treatment methods. Keep reading to find out how to get rid of the parasites.

What causes parasite infestations in our bodies

It is important to understand where parasites come from so that you don’t keep getting re-infected. Sushi lovers are at high risk as the uncooked fish can carry worms that embed into the stomach lining and intestines. Any uncooked meat can be a potential breeding ground for parasites. Pork is high on the list even if it is cooked thoroughly. Pigs are known to root around in trash and other nasty conditions and store up worms in their bellies. They do not sweat so toxins are stored in their fat which we then eat.

Where do parasites come from?

  • Raw meat
  • Unwashed fruit and vegetables from the store
  • Dirty or stagnant water
  • Our pets
  • Bad hygiene
  • Mosquitos

If you buy fruits and vegetables from the store, there is no telling where they have been and who has touched them. Always wash all fruits and veggies in water with some apple cider vinegar or an organic wash.

Wash your produce!

Hand washing is a very important part of our hygiene so suds up after the restroom and after playing with your pets. At all costs, avoid touching your mouth or eyes with dirty hands. Some parasites can even be sexually transmitted so knowing your partner and their health habits is helpful.

 Get rid of parasites naturally with these three steps

If you think that your symptoms are caused by parasites, get a stool sample immediately. Once you find out which parasites you are dealing with, you can implement an effective parasite cleanse.

  1. Have a healthy diet
  2. Do a parasite cleanse using antimicrobial herbs
  3. Get colonics or do coffee enemas at home at least once a week

Antiparasitic foods:

  • Garlic – has antimicrobial properties
  • Onions – antiparasitic properties
  • Probiotics – studies show that probiotics decrease parasite population in the gut
  • Coconut Oil – has antimicrobial properties
  • Pumpkin Seeds – will kill worms and most other parasites
  • Herbs – have been used for hundreds of years to kill parasites

Garlic can be eaten raw by the clove daily to kill parasites. You may smell like garlic for a few weeks but its temporary and it is worth it for your health.

Probiotics should be part of everyone’s daily routine. Kefir, sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables are the best sources. Probiotic capsules are also great if they have the right strains.

Eating a cup of pumpkin seeds every day will kill off parasites and a paste can also be made. Blending pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil to make butter is great for a tasty snack.

Coconut oil can be swished in the mouth for 15 minutes in the morning and then spit it outside or in the trash can as it can clog drains. This is called oil pulling and has been effective at treating many health conditions for hundreds of years. Eating raw virgin, cold pressed coconut oil is also part of the diet. Eggs and other foods can be cooked in coconut oil instead of using less healthy oils like soy and corn oil.

A blend of antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial herb capsules or tinctures can be taken daily for a month to kill the parasites. The blends will usually include wormwood, black walnut extract, olive leaf extract and garlic extract. Bacterial overgrowth, like h. pylori, has been shown to clear up with the supplementation of berberine, yerba mansa, and oregano extract.

Foods and drinks to avoid:

  • Sugar
  • Pork
  • Processed foods
  • Alcohol
  • Wheat and gluten

 How much sugar do you eat?

The foods listed above turn into sugar in the body. Most people consume a massive amount of sugar daily without realizing it. Start checking labels of the foods and drinks that you consume daily. You will be amazed at how much sugar is actually in that “healthy juice”.  Sugar will actually feed the fungus type parasites as well as weaken the immune system. If your body is weak, it cannot fight off the parasites and they will continue to multiply in your body. To get healthy and get rid of parasites for good you must go on a no sugar diet.

Sugar in popular drinks

If you can commit to following a healthy diet and take the parasite killing herbs, you can clear up the infestation in about a month. It takes perseverance and dedication to stick with it but, in the long run, you will feel so good and be much happier. Parasites can also affect our brain function and mood because our gut is our second brain. We will discuss more about the brain-gut connection in another post coming up soon.

Please leave a comment below and share your parasite cleanse experience. Also, feel free to ask any questions about parasite cleanses. We are here to help!

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